Friday, August 21, 2009

Casanova Restaurant in Carmel, California

Jan and I first ate at Casanovas several years ago on a trip to Carmel. We happened to be walking around the streets looking for interesting places. The charm pulled us right in and we had a wonderful late lunch but did not know the history of the restaurant.

August 2 we planned to go to Carmel to meet my sister, Mary Jane and her husband, Larry. Our neighbors, Bob and Chris, went with us. The night before, while doing internet research for Carmel restaurants, and the memory of Casanova, I naturally was drawn to their website. When I read the history of the restaurant and the story of the Van Gogh table I had to see the table. Jan and I are huge Van Gogh fans, in 1990 we went to the Van Gogh museum exhibit of the 100th anniversary of his death when we lived in Holland. We've seen much of his work also at the Kroller Mueller museum and have collected Van Gogh books.

Well, I nearly hyperventilated when we were able to eat at the Van Gogh table! It was a Sunday brunch none of us will ever forget. Left to right are, Larry Larson, Bob and Chris Elliot, Donna (me) and Jan Kohler, and Mary Jane Larson.

For dessert we had lemon souffle with raspberry sauce and ice cream, yum.
All three of us couples purchased the Van Gogh's Table book at Casanova.

Jan was thrilled to see a gray Citroen in the driveway, he owned one in the 1970s. As we peeked through the window he explained to me how he made a sleeping platform for trips around Europe. Even at 6 feet 2 he was able to stretch out with his head at the back doors.

Jan in his red Citroen, about 1977, in Belgium.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Kohler Cafe

It isn’t really a cafe, just our home, painted by Jan and embellished into a romantic setting, ready for company to arrive. We enjoy comfort food, family, friends, dreaming, cooking, art, bread, and some travel. Jan, pronounced yan, is Dutch for John, he was born and raised in Holland