Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Treadles and Tea Time

Treadles and tea time, look closely to find the tea cup. Treadles and tea are themes in my home with quilts thrown in here and there. The photo was taken for The Quilt Life magazine.

1889 Singer Model 13K is nicknamed Scotty
 Ah, here it is, close-up, beautiful roses on a soft mint green color.

Lovely tea cup
The first photo is featured in the April 2011 issue of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson's magazine, The Quilt Life. Ricky wrote the article on eco-friendly quilting. It features his 10x12 foot hand crafted log cabin in Colorado where he retreats for tranquility. What he most enjoys is his Singer treadle sewing machine.

In 2002 Ricky came to our quilt guild in Fresno and gave a workshop. I took a treadle sewing machine, yes, it is a little bulky, not exactly a Featherweight Singer, but that is all I have used, are treadles, since 1993. I remember Ricky flipping the leather belt on my machine, curious about how snug it was.

Ricky called me several months ago to talk about treadle sewing machines for his article and asked me to style a photo with some of my quilts on a treadle. He quoted me and mentioned my website and my YouTube videos.

The article is on pages 50-53.

Pages 50-51

Pages 52-53
My photo on page 53