Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bean Taco Night

Yes, bean tacos!  

They are so simple, such wonderful peasant food, I adore them. My Dutch hubby prefers them to meat tacos. Before I left for a few hours at the office we talked about what we would have for dinner, I wouldn't be back till 6:15 and hubby had a Bible study to go to by 7 p.m. so bean tacos fit the schedule.

Before I got home hubby made salsa, graded cheese, chopped onions,  sliced lettuce, opened a can of re-fried beans and had one of my iron skillets hot and ready. I poured about an eighth inch of vegetable shortening in and heated to medium high. Spoon a small amount of beans in center of a tortilla, see note at the end about what type of corn tortillas to buy. Don't use too much beans, about two tablespoons.

Using tongs fold the edges up, and rest bent bottom in hot oil so it will not crack, hold till folded side is well set and firm, then lay taco in oil on its side and do two more, three will fit an average skillet.

Continue cooking till they are toasty hard on both sides. Add oil as necessary but not much, you only need enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

Drain on paper towels, open up each taco and add cheese first to melt into the hot beans.

Add whatever else you like, I just add lettuce then hubby's flavorful salsa made with canned chopped tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos, onion, lemon or lime juice and garlic. Three glorious little bean tacos are just right for a light meal.

Tortilla buying tip, for best flavor and no aftertaste, buy tortillas with no preservatives. They should have only three ingredients, ground corn, water and a trace of lime. As far as the beans, canned Rosarita are just fine.