Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Dutch poffertjes were a big hit over the holidays, Lisa has been raving about how much she likes them. Here is a partial batch being made in my little iron poffertjes pan, it was shown in the iron cookware entry.

Poffertjes are little puffy pancakes, recipes vary, with yeast or with baking powder. These luscious little babies are a yeast batter and I served them with cherries and powdered sugar, the only snow we've had in Fresno.

In Holland during the summer months you often see a poffertjeskraam in large parks or events. Our favorite was in Laren, it is up from March to September. Their history is more than 100 years, see their website. http://www.poffertjeskraamlaren.nl Notice the huge antique stove with rows and rows of depressions.

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